As busy as we all are, it is nearly impossible to see our girlfriends as much as we would like. I’m lucky if I can grab a coffee, let alone a whole meal, with my besties. Everyone is busy with work, carpooling, kids’ activities, and balancing the million other things they need to do. But […]

Gone are the days when whiskey was reserved only for men. More than ever, women are ditching their lemon drops and other sugary, fruity libations for a whiskey cocktail. Old Fashioned’s, Sazeracs, and Manhattans are just a few of the most popular classic whiskey cocktails. If you’re a little intimidated by the idea of venturing into the wide world of whiskey, do not […]

As owner of KMK Design, I plan my days playing with fabric swatches, attending food tastings, and hanging out in some amazing venues. At least that’s what everyone thinks I do! Ah, the lavish lifestyle of an event planner. What it’s really like… returning a bazillion emails, meetings galore, checking off my (never ending) to-do […]