A Girl’s Guide to Hosting a Whiskey Tasting Party

March 16, 2020

Sacramento event planner, KMK Design hosts a whiskey tasting party. A girl holding a glass of whiskey while hosting a whiskey tasting party

Gone are the days when whiskey was reserved only for men. More than ever, women are ditching their lemon drops and other sugary, fruity libations for a whiskey cocktail. Old Fashioned’s, Sazeracs, and Manhattans are just a few of the most popular classic whiskey cocktails. If you’re a little intimidated by the idea of venturing into the wide world of whiskey, do not fret. We will offer tips and a step by step whiskey tasting guide to turn you into a whiskey tasting pro. If you’re already on your way to being a pro, enjoy all of the gorgeous inspiration from our recent whiskey tasting party, planned by our event planning team at KMK Design.

With tips and inspiration from Sacramento event planner, KMK Design, you will be well on your way to throwing an awesome whiskey tasting party for all of your favorite ladies.

First things first, an invitation is the perfect jumping off point for any event. It helps to pull together the theme and also gives your guests an idea of what’s in store. These custom invitations by Moochie Creative perfectly illustrated the design for the party; a vintage, masculine vibe with a warm color palette.

Sacramento event planner, KMK Design hosts a whiskey tasting party. Whiskey tasting party invitation by Moochie Creative and whiskey shots

In preparing for a whiskey tasting, you will want to source several different brands of whiskey. Having at least four to five options will give your guests a good sampling. Haley Titus, a whiskey aficionado and member of Sacramento’s own badass, all-female, liquor loving crew, the Bourbon Babes, recommends some of her favorite brands;

“Try Blanton’s, Woodford, or Basil Hayden’s for sipping. They’re good taste for the price point. If you’re with a big group, try a Rye, they are always a good choice since they’re more widely liked. If I’m just making cocktails I’ll use something like Knob Creek or Makers Mark.”

Set up your tasting stations with a small pour of each kind of whiskey. Moochie Creative also made tasting cards, which matched the invitation suite, for the guests. Provide a pen and get started!

To properly taste the whiskey, Haley recommends the following steps:

1. Start with the nose take a good smell

2. Look at the color, is it light, dark, orange or brown?

3. Take a sip, don’t swallow. Keep it in your mouth. To get the true flavor, use the Kentucky Chew method. You can do this by biting or chewing the alcohol in the back of your mouth. The true flavor will come out!

Have all of your guests try the whiskeys together, one at a time. Have them write down their notes and thoughts about each taste.

Some great adjectives to describe the taste: aromatic, aged, refined, smooth, quality, oaky, woody, and balanced. Talk about the similarities and differences between each taste. Note the characteristics that you like and don’t like.

Rate your whiskey and whiskey tasting notes at a whiskey tasting party hosted by Sacramento event planner, KMK Design.

After tasting, share your favorites around the room. With a bunch of individual palettes, you may find that everyone has a different favorite.

Women standing at a bar during a whiskey tasting party hosted by Sacramento event planner, KMK Design.

whiskey inspired cakes and cake "shots" at a whiskey tasting party hosted by Sacramento event planner, KMK Design

The dessert table was a stunner! We added another glitzy table linen by La Tavola, this time in navy, was the base over a vintage sideboard. Drool-worthy “drip” cakes, macarons, and cake shots were the stars!

A dessert bar by event planner KMK Design of whiskey shots, macarons, and cake shots. Whiskey tasting party. La Tavola sparkly linen.

Woman cutting a cigar at a whiskey tasting party by KMK Design

Bar at a Whiskey tasting party

Armed with all of the inspiration we have thrown your way, you will certainly be able to plan, design, and execute a whiskey tasting party. 

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Planning & Design: KMK Design

Photography: Milou & Olin

Floral Design: Scarlett & Grace

Desserts: Paper Heart Patisserie

Paperie: Moochie Creative

Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen

Venue: Antiquité Maison Privee

Cigars & Tools: Casilla’s Cigar Company

Beauty: Kayci Stoots Subia

Models: Haley TitusVanessa LabiJaclyn AndradeMeaghan Gonzalez

***This article is intended only for responsible adults of legal drinking age in the United States of America (21 years old or older). It is purely intended for entertainment purposes. Please do NOT drink and drive. If you need transportation, use a designated driver or a taxi service.

KMK Design is a Sacramento event planner and wedding planner who works in Northern California, focusing mainly in the Napa Valley, Bay Area, and Lake Tahoe.

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